How to Wrap a Newborn Baby

To wrap a newborn requires the right knowledge of the techniques, which I’m going to share in this blog. But first, I’ll help you understand the benefits of wrapping your baby well. 

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Remember the first time you watched as the nurses in the hospital wrapped your newborn baby? I do! My son was wrapped so neatly in a blanket like a bundle (I wonder if that’s how the term ‘bundle of joy’ came about!).

Back from the hospital, I had such a hard time getting my son to sleep, and no matter how much I persisted, I could not wrap him up in the same way that the hospital had, all snug and warm.

For our frequent readers, you will know it was my sister in law that came to my rescue showing me how to swaddle (or wrap) my baby. I call her the swaddle ninja and teaching me how to swaddle was the best gift she could have given me. 

In my journey as founder of  Coco Moon Hawaii, and as a mother, I have dedicated many hours of research on baby wraps and learned that wrapping a baby has numerous benefits, and that experts recommend it to parents at least until your baby is two to three months old. 

To wrap a newborn requires the right knowledge of the techniques, which I’m going to share in this blog. But first, I’ll help you understand the benefits of wrapping your baby well. 


What are the benefits of wrapping a newborn?

Wrapping a newborn baby in a wrap, or swaddle, helps to soothe and calm your little one. 

It helps your baby to feel comfortable outside the womb.

When wrapped well, a baby is also known to sleep soundly and have a healthy sleep cycle, (which helps us new parents get our much needed sleep too!).

Babies are known to wriggle their hands and legs about, which may trigger the startle reflex when sleeping. All this wriggling can lead to a sudden break from a sound sleep (which is not healthy for the baby). 

Wrapping a baby may also help to reduce the risk of SUDI (sudden unexpected death in infancy) and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Wrapped in a blanket, the baby stays on their back, helping to prevent any sleeping accidents. Medical professionals recommend wrapping the baby until they are old enough to roll on to their tummy.   


What is the right way to wrap a newborn?

Are you having trouble wrapping your newborn? Well, here is my easy to follow step by step guide.

how to wrap a newborn baby

Step 1:  Fold the top corner of your blanket down and lay your baby in its center, with shoulders just below the fold line.

Step 2:  Bring baby's arm alongside the body, slightly bent.

Step 3:  Wrap blanket over baby's arm and tuck it securely under body. As you do so, pull the blanket on the opposite side a little to keep it nice and snug

Step 4: Bring the bottom point of the swaddle up and over baby's feet. Meanwhile, place baby's opposite arm alongside body, slightly bent

Step 5: Tuck the blanket under baby's shoulder, leaving room for baby's hips to move freely

Step 6:  Bring the remaining blanket over the baby's shoulder, toward the chest. Hold the blanket in place at center, forming a "V" 

Step 7: Wrap remaining blanket around baby's body and tuck extra fabric into fold at center 

These are the basic steps of wrapping the newborn in a cozy bundle. A few things to keep in mind when you wrap a newborn are:

  • a wrap should not be too tight or too loose
  • the baby wrap should be snug and not have too many layers. 

Coco Moon Hawaii baby wraps are made from buttery soft muslin that doesn’t overheat your baby, and have the perfect amount of layers. 

Have you mastered the art of wrapping your baby? We’d love you to share pics of your baby wrapped in a Coco Moon Hawaii wrap or baby quilt. Make sure to visit us on  Instagram & Facebook!


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