What Baby Blanket To Bring To The Hospital

While bringing a new baby into this world is full of unexpected surprises you can't prepare for, you are able to come prepared when bringing the right baby blanket to the hospital. We've done the research for you, and we found the best baby blanket to bring to the hospital and the reasons why!

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Whether you’re a first time mother or you’re about to have your third little one, thinking about what to bring to the hospital can be stressful! From ensuring the hospital bag is ready in time (and making sure it isn’t forgotten), and wanting to bring all of the baby essentials, parents are still left wondering if they brought all of the right items — especially when it comes to the baby blanket. 

The baby blanket is something all parents think about because it’s one of the first things your newborn baby will be wrapped up in when he or she is born. There will be hundreds of images of them in this blanket, and you’ll probably keep it as a keepsake for years to come. And while the hospital provides a baby blanket, it’s often rough and not the first thing you want wrapped up around your baby. So bringing your own will give your baby a piece of home as soon as they arrive into this world. 

Now, if you know you want to bring your own baby blanket, you might be wondering which one you should bring! 

The most common and recommended baby blanket to bring to the hospital is a baby swaddle. These lightweight, soft, and snuggly blankets come in a variety of styles and materials, so you can pick something special just for your little one. Plus, swaddling your baby will provide them with the feeling of being back inside the womb — giving them a sense of familiarity in this new world. And if you want your baby to be wrapped up in happiness and love as soon as they arrive, take a look at our Pot O’ Aloha swaddle. The rainbows and aloha-vibes will give your baby all the cuteness and happiness they just brought to you! 

What Baby Blanket To Bring To The Hospital

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Why A Baby Swaddle Blanket?

Why are baby swaddle blankets the best choice? Well, there are more reasons than one. Aside from their womb-mimicking abilities, they can also mimic a parent’s touch. It’s no secret that touch is an important part of development for infants, and when you wrap your baby in a soft swaddle, they will feel a sense of comfort when they aren’t able to be held or when they’re sleeping in their crib or bassinet. 

Babies often experience something called a “startle reflex”, which typically occurs within their first few months of life and causes them to suddenly jerk or move. While this is all normal and signs of a healthy baby, it can be a challenge when your baby startles and wakes themselves up. Swaddling is a way to prevent this from happening, meaning your baby will have a better, deeper sleep (and so will you)! If you want to try wrapping them up in our Nalu swaddle, they can have the comfort of the ocean wrapped around them while they rest peacefully. 

What Baby Blanket To Bring To The Hospital

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And while swaddling comes with a variety of benefits, there are cautions a parent needs to take when swaddling their baby. For example, always make sure you lay your baby on their back after they are swaddled in order to prevent SIDS, and make sure you give them some wiggle room around their hips and legs area to avoid hip problems. As long as you take care to swaddle your baby the safe and correct way, you can give your precious little one comfort and quality sleep from the moment they are born. 

There you have it! A swaddle blanket is the best baby blanket to bring to the hospital. You’ll be able to avoid those generic hospital blankets and give your new baby something special, soft, and perfect for their first days in this world. For some swaddle inspiration, take a look at our selection of swaddles below! You can welcome your baby to the world with a blanket that is almost as vibrant and beautiful as their new life. 



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