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About Us

The idea for Coco Moon was born during the wee hours of the morning as I nursed my second child and rocked him to sleep using the hot pink pareo I often used as a nursing cover. 

You see, I would choose the pink pareo simply because I didn’t really like the baby lions or other random, generic designs on our baby blankets.

Using the pink pareo so frequently would later come back to haunt me however, as my son decided that the pink pareo was the blankie he could not live without, much to my husband’s dismay.

So I found myself wondering, why couldn’t there be baby blankets that we all loved, that we were proud to have in the thousands of pictures we took of our kids, and that had some island soul behind them as well?

That hint of inspiration, coupled with a touch of good ole new mom delirium, sparked a desire to create a Hawaii-inspired baby blanket that families all over the world could fall in love with.

Since then, Coco Moon has evolved in to so much more, becoming a vehicle through which we can connect with and support families in our local communities through our giving back program.  

And since Hawaii’s beauty is the inspiration for our company, we’ve also committed to doing our part to preserve it, replacing plastic poly-bags with fully biodegradable cassava starch bags wherever possible. 

It is still so surreal to think of the thousands of families around the world that have not only welcomed Coco moon into their homes, but have also made our products an indispensable part of their day to day lives. 

But what really gives me chicken skin are the stories that our customers share with me – stories of families now living on the mainland who feel like a little piece of home arrives in the mail when they open up their Coco Moon order. Or of couples who aren’t even planning on starting a family for a few more years, but are already building their Coco moon collection. 

And of how, when her son had to be emergency airlifted from Maui to Oahu, the only thing this mother grabbed as she rushed out the door was her son’s Coco Moon blankie.


I am so grateful for the way that families all over the world have made Coco Moon an indispensable part of their daily routine. Mahalo for all of your support and for making each and every one of our days special because of it.