The Best Blankets For Newborn Babies

Looking for the best blanket for your little one? We've broken down the difference between our swaddles, quilts, throw blankets, and security blankets so you can purchase the blanket that suits your family best!

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When it comes to finding the perfect newborn baby blanket, whether it be for your own newborn baby, or as a gift, it can sometimes feel overwhelming knowing how to choose the best blanket for your baby. But we have good news! You can never go wrong selecting any of the baby blankets in the Coco Moon collection.

All of our baby blankets are made from layers of buttery-soft muslin fabric to ensure that any family who welcomes our Coco Moon blankets into their home is cozy and comfy while wrapped in aloha! 

With that said, there are some features of each one of our blankets that lend to their functionality. In this article, we break down each of our most popular baby blankets, including newborn swaddle blanketsbaby quiltsthrow blankets, and baby security blankets, and highlight what makes each of them so special.

Newborn Swaddle Blankets

Coco Moon newborn swaddle blankets are made with two layers of muslin fabric that are not only buttery-soft, but also breathable and extra gentle on baby’s delicate skin. These blankets are the perfect gift for any newborn or expecting mother, as they are often the best baby blanket to bring to the hospital and they are large enough in size (47” x 47”) to be used for years to come. Our swaddle blankets are great to use as stroller blankets, nursing covers, and of course, swaddling! 

Surf Report Swaddle being used as the perfect stroller cover!

Baby Quilts

In comparison to our swaddle blankets, our baby quilts are quite a bit thicker. Coco Moon baby quilts are made with eight layers of our signature buttery-soft muslin fabric. These eight layers are designed to keep your keiki warm during the cooler months, but never too hot as the fabric maintains its breathability even with the extra layers. They’re great for tummy time and the 47” x 47” sizing is perfect to wrap those little bodies in and keep them comfy all year long! 

This little one all wrapped up in their Pineapple of My Eye quilt!

Throw Blankets

While our baby quilts are made with eight layers of muslin fabric, our Coco Moon throw blankets are a little bit thinner and made with four layers of muslin fabric (kind of like a double-layered swaddle!). The 62” x 47” size  throw blanket is perfect to use as a comforter for a toddler bed and provides better coverage for adults and older kids cuddling up on the couch. We made these throw blankets in response to so many parents and big brothers and sisters who “borrowed” the baby’s blanket to use for themselves. You can learn more about our throw blankets in our article, What is a Throw Blanket.

Our Nalu Throw Blanket making the perfect addition to this nursery.

Security Blanket

So, you have been using your heavenly soft newborn swaddle blanket from the moment your little one was born — and now they’re attached to it! Carrying around a large swaddle blanket can be quite the challenge for a toddler, which is why Coco Moon baby and toddler security blankets are the perfect solution. Our popular baby security blankets are made from two layers of muslin fabric, just like our swaddles, but they are much smaller (16” x 16”). They’re like a mini swaddle blanket and make the perfect sized “lovie” or “blankie” for the little ones who love to have that extra piece of comfort on hand and on the go.

Our Nalu Security Blanket making an appearance at the beach! 

Between newborn swaddle blankets, baby quilts, throw blankets, and security blankets, our goal is to offer options for all stages of childhood and for everyone in the family (even the grown-ups)! We hope this blog helps you decide which blanket is best for your family, so everyone can get the most out of their Coco Moon love. ❤️


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