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Why Coco Moon Is Perfect For Sensitive Skin

January 03, 2022

Why Coco Moon Is Perfect For Sensitive Skin

Before becoming a mom, I had always heard about that soft, smooth baby skin. But after my infant son got eczema, I came to realize just how sensitive a baby’s skin really is. I tried everything to soothe his irritated skin - lotions, oils, gentle laundry detergent, special bath soap, and on and on. What I soon came to realize, however, is that the fabrics coming into contact with his skin were playing a bigger role than any of those things and were one of the root issues causing irritation. I now know that preventing skin irritation and comforting baby’s sensitive skin is something many parents have to navigate. I’ve also learned that choosing soft, breathable fabric is crucial in protecting that sensitive baby skin.

One of the compliments we hear most often from our customers is how gentle our fabrics are on their baby’s skin. It is one of the pieces of feedback that truly makes my heart smile because I know how important this is and why we chose a gentle, viscose derived from bamboo for our baby blankets and clothing.

Why Bamboo?

There are so many reasons why bamboo is one of the best choices for your baby’s sensitive skin. Its fabric is silky smooth to the touch, meaning that it won’t cause any irritation that could lead to chafing or itching. Since baby’s can’t communicate what may be bothering them, choosing a fabric like bamboo can minimize factors that may cause baby discomfort.

Keeps Sensitive Skin Cool

Heat is one of the biggest reasons skin can get irritated. Because heat can often result in some dehydration, it dries out the skin and leaves it prone to rashes and other irritations. Bamboo fabric is great for regulating temperature and helping to minimize the heat. It’s material is quick drying and moisture wicking, meaning your sweaty little sleeper with sensitive skin will be able to stay cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the night. One of the things we hear time and time again from parents using our products is that their baby is never too hot or too cold when wearing our clothing, which sounds like our kind of “just right” for baby bear!

Chemical Free

Another thing I didn’t know as a new mom is that children’s sleepwear is often treated with chemicals like flame retardants. Yuck! Our clothing never uses flame retardants, which means that there is nothing hidden in our fabrics that could cause skin irritation.

Great for Keiki with Eczema

Eczema is such a common factor among our little ones. Their itchy skin can cause so much discomfort, so trying to minimize that discomfort and keep our keiki happy is our top priority. Coco Moon clothing is designed to help with eczema prone skin thanks to that viscose bamboo material. Our fabric is so soft and gentle that it will soothe baby’s skin instead of causing more irritation — like wool or harsh cotton would.

Still unsure? Check out some of these reviews from our happy customers!

In love!

This is the first swaddle I’ve bought from Coco Moon and definitely not the last. Being a first time mom with an infant who has eczema, we were so glad to have found these. The material is so soft and comfortable, it does not bother my daughter’s skin. Absolutely in love with these! - JL

Perfect for Baby’s Skin

These onesies are the BEST! They are incredibly soft so they’re perfect for sensitive skin and they have a lot of stretch to accommodate your little one as they grow. Love it! - LP

Lovely As Pajamas

This is one of my favorite prints, it's so cute and perfect for any baby. My child has a lot of trouble with her skin and we use these as pajamas, and they are absolutely amazing! They're lightweight, super soft, and hold up to just about anything. - HR

So silky and soft!

I bought this for my son and I am so glad that I did! The print is adorable but more importantly, it is soft on his skin. He is sensitive to rough fabrics and this is soft and comfy. He wears it a few times a week! - LH