Baby Essentials For The First Three Months

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The first three months with our little ones are a whirlwind of emotions! There’s feelings of excitement, uncertainty, and everyone is offering advice left and right! 

If you’re curious what some baby essentials are for the first 3 months, we’ve put together a list of everything you’ll be glad you had.  

Muslin Swaddles 

In those first 3 months (especially the first few weeks) swaddling will likely be something your baby finds comforting

Its womb-mimicking abilities are great for soothing your precious new one, helping them sleep, and in turn, helping you get more sleep! 

Sleeping is essential, and while it may feel like you aren’t getting much of it, anything to help baby sleep a little bit longer is worth it. Not only are muslin swaddles great for wrapping baby up snuggly, they also can double as a nursing cover and stroller cover. And between spit up and accidents, you’re sure to be going through them like crazy! We recommend having a few swaddle blankets on hand, and purchasing swaddle blankets made out of muslin. This breathable material will ensure your baby won’t get too hot or too cold while sleeping, putting your mind at ease. 


Changing Pad Covers

More than one changing pad cover is a must! Babies have accidents all the time, and it’s often when we least expect it. Having extra changing pad covers on hand means that you can ensure a fresh one is put on immediately after an accident, and you can change baby’s diaper on a surface that is clean and comfortable. While it’s something that might not be top of mind, you’ll be glad not to worry about it when the inevitable happens. Plus, they come in so many different and fun patterns!

Muslin Throw Blanket 

A muslin throw blanket is great for both you and baby. The best part about the muslin material is that while you’re playing, nursing, or rocking baby to sleep, the breathable muslin material will keep you at a comfortable temperature, not too hot and not too cool. We love them because they’re long enough to keep a parent covered up, but soft and comfortable enough to become baby’s favorite blanket as they grow!

Baby Onesies

Onesies are a staple in every baby’s wardrobe. They’re convenient, great for all times of year, and come in so many cute styles. They also help make for easy diaper changes, and baby can be swaddled in it due to its design and style. 

We suggest purchasing onesies made out of a bamboo material as their moisture wicking design and softness is ideal for baby’s sensitive skin. Since baby skin is often easily irritable during the first 3 months a soft onesie can offer comfort while keeping them cool at the same time. 

We hope this article has helped as you begin to welcome your new addition into the world! And while these baby essentials can help make those first three months a bit easier, just remember that no matter what, as long as baby is loved and cared for you’re doing great! 


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