Hibiscus Kiss Security Blanket

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Bring a bit of aloha with you wherever you go with our Hawaiian baby blankets. Our security blankets are like a mini version of our swaddles and are perfect for portable snuggles. Just the right size for baby to hold on his or her own, bringing their comforting blankie with them whenever they need (or want) it most. 

Vibrant, feminine, and strikingly beautiful

Our Hibiscus Kiss print was designed in collaboration with Rebekah Steen of the Goldfish Kiss blog, whose art makes you feel like you've escaped to an imaginary paradise, where flowers flow from waves and joy abounds.

Fabric: 100% rayon made from bamboo & cotton

Size: 16" x 16"

Care: In order to maintain the quality of our fabric and prevent pilling and/or snagging, separate from other materials such as towels and hardware, like zippers or velcro, during the wash and dry process. Machine wash cold (without bleach), tumble dry on low heat.

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Why shop with us…

The favorite blankie of 1000's of babies worldwide

A portion of profits donated to Hawaiʻi non-profits

Eco-friendly packaging

Authentic and original island designs

Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Paige P.
My kitten loves it

I bought this for my kitten, she’s a rescue from the Hawaiian Humane Society. I think she was separated from her mom too early because she suckles on blankets to comfort herself. She would wake me up every morning crying and trying to get enough blanket to use it as a pacifier. Now I just keep the security blanket close by so I can scrunch it up and put it in front of her when she needs it. Weird I know, but it works! It calms her down and she goes back to sleep. I’m getting more sleep now and she’s happy.

Flower shower

I love this print so much! Please made crib sheets!!

Beautiful color

Gave as a gift.

Adriana K.
The BEST car seat accessory

I always consider these a must have! When my baby was younger she used to use the Coco Moon security blankets on her lap, but now that she's older she loves to chew on them! The print is so pretty as well! I always recommend these!

Adriana K.
Super cool!

Adorable and perfect size for a car seat blanket! I love the blue camo and the hidden sharks within it!

Adriana K.
Must have!

My baby loves her security blanket! It's actually perfect fit for her car seat blanket! Swaddles are usually a little big so I have to fold it and then it makes her hot, so this is perfect to put on her lap! Then she loves to grab it and chew on it as well! Same great quality that coco moon always has! Thank you!

It's our kuleana, or responsibility, to take care of our environment and our community.

We're proud to donate a portion of all proceeds to Hawai'i based non-profits doing powerful work for our environment and our children. We are also committed to doing our part by packaging our items in fully biodegradable cassava starch bags wherever possible

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