Is Muslin Good For Swaddling?

Wondering if the popular material Muslin is good for swaddling? We wrote this blog to tell you exactly why it's great for it! Click the image above to read the blog and find out.

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Swaddling newborns is a calming method that has been practiced by mothers all around the world for centuries. It’s the perfect technique for offering your baby comfort when you can’t be holding them. And while not much about swaddling has changed, one thing that has is the fabric we choose to swaddle our babies in. 

Before we dive into which material is best for swaddling newborns, we want to brief you on a little history lesson on swaddling! Swaddling dates back thousands of years. And while opinions on swaddling have shifted throughout the centuries, it still remains a common practice. Most recently, swaddling became popular in the early 1990s when many doctors suggested it be used to keep baby sleeping on their back instead of their stomach. Stomach sleeping was associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDs), and it was recommended baby be put to sleep on their back — which swaddling was a safe technique to do just that, and swaddling has been as popular ever since. 

It’s no secret that in today’s world it seems there is a never ending funnel of options, advice, and opinions. And honestly, it can be overwhelming! But if your baby loves to be swaddled, and you’re wondering if the most popular swaddle blanket material today is really good for them, we’re here to answer the question. 

Is Muslin good for swaddling? 


Why Muslin is The Best Fabric for Swaddling

What is Muslin?

Muslin is a lightweight and breathable material made from cotton, and oftentimes also from a material derived from bamboo. When your baby is swaddled snugly (while still allowing the hips to move freely), it’s important that they can remain at a comfortable temperature. Muslin gives you the best of both worlds: not too hot, and not too cool. 

Muslin is a Soft Fabric

Muslin is a gentle material that is soft to the touch. This is an especially important feature if you have a little one with sensitive skin. Baby’s skin needs to be able to breathe when swaddled, otherwise they may face a heightened risk of irritation. A muslin swaddle is the perfect solution to keeping baby comfortable all over! 

Muslin is Breathable and Light

There are already a multitude of benefits that come with swaddling. It mimics the womb, it can help prevent startling by keeping baby’s arms tucked away, and it helps keep your baby on their back. But these benefits can be hindered if you aren’t using the right swaddle material. The breathability that comes with the lightly woven muslin material is essential when keeping baby comfortable while they’re swaddled. 

We hope this blog helped you feel confident about your decision to use muslin swaddles with your precious newborn! 

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