Why Are Muslin Swaddles So Big?

If you've ever wondered why muslin swaddle blankets are so big, we're here to explain why! Read our blog to learn why a blanket for someone so small seems to be so big.

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Have you ever wondered why your muslin swaddle blanket is so big, especially since they are used for a baby who is so small?

The large size of the swaddle blanket and the minimal layers of material make them ideal for swaddling, and layering the fabric around your baby.

Why is swaddling important? Because there are so many benefits to it! It is also a soothing method that has been around for thousands of years. Swaddling can mimic the cozy feeling your little had in the womb, which can offer some soothing comfort while they still navigate their way through their new environment.

To swaddle your baby comfortably, it requires a blanket that is large enough to layer, tuck, and keep baby cozy. Muslin swaddle blankets, with a size of 47” x 47”, provide that room and are made with a material that allows baby to stay cool and cozy without overheating.

The breathable material is key when swaddling your little one. Muslin swaddle blankets are known for being buttery soft and gentle on baby’s delicate skin, and their breathability helps to minimize the risk of overheating — and helps to wick away any sweat, which also helps protect baby’s skin.

Since swaddling is a process that can take a bit of practice, the large size of muslin swaddle blankets come in handy. The size allows for an ease in the swaddling process, making it more forgiving while you’re folding and tucking, so it’s easier to wrap baby up comfortably.

Choosing a swaddle that is soft, breathable, and large, is going to provide your baby with ultimate comfort and you with peace of mind. Muslin Swaddles are a great option for ensuring a positive swaddling experience for both you and your new bundle of joy.


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