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baby milestone photo blanket

Baby Milestone Photos - The New Trend

February 11, 2021

People have always taken photos of their children but a new trend has emerged in recent years: honoring the baby milestones with a special photograph. And what better way to keep track of your baby's progress than with a milestone photo blanket.
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baby security blanket childhood development

How A Security Blanket Helps With Childhood Development

January 21, 2021

Do you have a security blanket that you remember from your childhood? A lot of people do, but did you know there are actually many benefits associated with security blankets
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best fabric baby crib sheets

What Is The Best Fabric For Baby Crib Sheets?

January 18, 2021

Of all the things parents try to get their little ones to sleep, one of the most vital, and simple, is to ensure they have a comfortable place to sleep. One essential piece of that puzzle is choosing the right crib sheets.
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BTS: Creating Beautiful Memories with Lola Pilar Hawaii

BTS: Creating Beautiful Memories with Lola Pilar Hawaii

January 06, 2021

We worked with Kristen Reyno of Lola Pilar Hawai'i to create a beautiful frame for all of your baby's photos with two swaddle blankets perfect for those monthly milestone memories: Picture Perfect Pua and Monstera Memories. We chatted with this sweet and talented artist to get an inside look at her inspiration to start Lola Pilar Hawaii, her creative process, and her plans for the future.

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the baby sleep site interview

Baby Sleeping Tips With Nicole Johnson of The Baby Sleep Site

October 09, 2020

We are thrilled to introduce Nicole Johnson, the lead Sleep Consultant and owner of The Baby Sleep Site ® who shares her expertise with our Cocommunity. This blog is a gift to all new parents who are looking for some practical advice around helping their baby sleep soundly. 
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Celebrating 5 Years of Coco Moon

Celebrating 5 Years of Coco Moon

October 01, 2020

I jokingly call Coco Moon my third baby, so hitting our five-year anniversary is a big deal for us…I guess you could say I’m one proud mama! And as us mamas do, I’m feeling quite sentimental as we hit 5 years. What started as a simple idea for an island inspired baby blanket has grown into so much more - an amazing Cocomunity and way for us to give back to our community. I invite you to take a trip down memory lane with me as I recount my top 5 memories from the past 5 years...
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Behind The Lens With Jenn Ellenburg

Behind The Lens With Jenn Ellenburg

September 12, 2020

Surrounded by palm trees, we've been wanting to showcase them on a print for a while now. And then when we came across Jenn Ellenburg's photography, we knew we had found "the one." Read our interview with this talented photographer as we prepare to release our collaboration print: Palm Party.
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tips for surfing when pregnant

Tips for Surfing While Pregnant

September 09, 2020

Since we have so many water women in our Cocommmunity, we decided to ask them for their tips and tricks for how they kept surfing safely with baby on board. I wish I had these pointers when I was first experimenting with surfing with a baby bump! So if you're in that phase now, I hope you find this blog helpful and remember, trust your instincts, your body and be safe!
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security blanket good for baby

Why a Security Blanket is Good for Your Baby

August 28, 2020

While there are differing opinions within the Coco Moon Hawaii parenting community, I am here to assure you that a security blanket is good for your baby. It’s not just my own personal opinion, I’m here to share some facts with you. So, without further delay, let’s take a peek at some facts around a baby security blanket (or lovey).
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how many baby clothes each size

Baby Clothes Size Guide

August 21, 2020

How many clothes do I need for my baby? What are the different varieties and sizes of baby clothes that I should keep on hand? Which sizes of baby clothing do I need for my newborn? We tell you everything you need to know and even include a handy baby clothes size guide!
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mom wrapping baby in swaddle coco moon

How to Wrap a Newborn Baby

August 06, 2020

To wrap a newborn requires the right knowledge of the techniques, which I’m going to share in this blog. But first, I’ll help you understand the benefits of wrapping your baby well. 
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how swaddling your baby helps them sleep

Can Swaddling My Baby Help Them Sleep?

August 01, 2020

If you have a newborn that is having a hard time falling asleep, swaddling can be a wonderful help. We suggest parents follow the swaddling guidelines and only use a recommended swaddling wrap or blanket for the very best result. 
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