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Why a Security Blanket is Good for Your Baby

August 28, 2020

security blanket good for baby

When I was little, I carried an old blanket with me everywhere. I wouldn’t let anyone touch it or wash it (much to my mother’s disgust!). The blanket was my safety net. I still remember the sense of warmth and security it gave me.

Many of you will have your own security blanket stories, or your parent’s will if you don’t remember.

However, now after becoming a mother yourself, are you conflicted about your own child having a security blanket? Maybe you’ve read all the pro’s and con’s, wondering if you should be encouraging or discouraging the use of a security blanket?

Over the years I’ve come across many parents who share their concerns with me about introducing a baby security blanket to their little one. They fear that their child will become too attached to it. Will a security blanket instill a false sense of security and hamper their child’s natural mental and behavioral development?

While there are differing opinions within the Coco Moon Hawaii parenting community, I am here to assure you that a security blanket is good for your baby. It’s not just my own personal opinion, I’m here to share some facts with you. So, without further delay, let’s take a peek at some facts around a baby security blanket (or lovey).

The science behind security blankets

Security blankets have been integral to a baby’s life for centuries, across many cultures. Although there are conflicting theories regarding its relevance, studies show a security blanket to be of immense benefit for the growth and behavioral development of the baby. 

After birth, during the first 2 to 3 months, the baby spends most of their time with their parents. As time goes by, the baby will gradually become aware of their surroundings and more aware of the bond shared with the mother in particular.
It is quite common for infants to suffer from insecurity and fear of losing touch with the mother at that stage. That’s when the security blanket comes in handy. 

A blanket has warmth and comfort, and it keeps the baby cozy. So, when introducing the security blanket, it acts like the mother’s proxy. In the mind of the baby, the blanket acts as its protector in the absence of the mother.
Whenever the baby sees the blanket it is reminded of the motherly comfort. Throughout infancy, the blanket helps the baby with independence, while acting as an additional sense of reassurance. 

Numerous studies have also been conducted to understand the bond babies have with blankies, lovies, or security blankets. They have cumulatively revealed that in the long run, having a security blanket helps with:

  • Empowering the child since infancy.
  • Enabling the baby to build relations with others as well along with the mother. 
  • Dealing with separation issues especially when the mother joins work after maternity leave.
  • In understanding the baby’s behavioral growth for parents.
  • Nurturing the sense of self-reliance and independence in the infant.
  • Transition through different stages of the growing period.

There is no harm in getting your baby a security blanket. If anything, it will have a positive impact on the development of the baby.

We love sharing parenting tips with our Coco Moon Hawaii community, and would love to hear about your child’s experiences with their own security blanket. Feel free to visit us on  Facebook or Instagram to share your story.