Trusting Your Mamatuition

Trusting your Mamatuition among the chaos, written by Mama of 3 and pediatirician, Dr. Anik Cockroft.

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Whether you’re a first time mom or a third time mom, being a mama is one of the most rewarding challenges. One of the challenges being - trusting your mama intuition. When there are differing opinions that exist every which way, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed! That’s why we asked Dr. Anik Cockroft, long time Coco Moon mama and pediatrician, for some advice through her personal letter to us mamas, where she offers her words of wisdom on trusting your “mamatuition” as you navigate motherhood at all stages.

Your Mamatuition 

Aloha Mama,

I’m a fellow Mama of 2 (and Hapai (pregnant) with my 3rd due next summer!), as well as a Pediatrician.  

I love empowering you in your role as a Mama.  

There are a great many things that are exchanged in my privileged interactions with Mamas.  

The most important truth I want to articulate involves living into your innate worth and Divine birthright.  A path to peace + prosperity through trusting your instincts — your Mother’s Intuition.

Your Mamatuition.

This superpower is woven into your DNA.  An instrument that harmonizes your role in Motherhood, offering fascination + fulfillment amidst all of the colorful chaos.  It is accessible when you believe in your own power, worth and authenticity.

This core truth of living into my own Intuition has transformed my outlook as a fellow Mama, human, and visionary.  My hope is that illuminating your Mamatuition will serve you too. 

Often our Mamatuition is illustrated to us in vivid ways during our birthing experiences. I remember surfing the increasing contractions that led me to meeting my daughter and son in both my deliveries.  As powerful as those moments were, they also offered me immense peace.  I validated all I was feeling physically, tuned out the noise, and surrendered to my purpose.

I believe your Mamatuition plays an integral role in the health of your child.  In my care of children as a Pediatrician and advocate, I experience greater fulfillment and feel a child receives more personalized and optimized medical care when communication and collaboration are central to the process. Your Mamatuition makes you the expert on your own child.  At the intersection of a Mother’s Intuition and a Physician’s clinical expertise exists a space where Mother experiences validation, Physician experiences fulfillment, and ultimately the child maximally benefits.

While the flavor of your Mamatuition is exquisitely unique to you, surrendering to your superpower will enhance your life in the following ways:

  • You intentionally step into your own vulnerability in a bold + courageous way
  • You find humor and curiosity here, leading to a newfound patience with yourself 
  • You lean into an expansive space to continue growing and learning more about yourself as a Mama
  • You are present + embrace all the thousands of small moments that add up to big ones
  • You create and hold healthy boundaries
  • You release that which doesn’t serve you
  • You believe you are Divinely chosen and loved
  • You polish your own crown and those of other Mamas around you
  • You reflect upon your ongoing masterpiece of a performance as a Mama 
  • You have compassion and empathy for yourself, which you also freely offer to others
  • You tap into your creativity with increasing ease and playfulness
  • You get curious and ask questions
  • You summon the transcending energy, the peace amidst the primal chaos that beckoned from beyond during your delivery experience(s)
  • You claim your power of bringing life into this world, and the miracle of being chosen for this sacred privilege
  • You remain postured for more possibilities
  • You advocate with strength
  • You collaborate with confidence
  • You are empowered knowing you’re the expert on your own child and possess a deeper dimensional insight only you can offer
  • You nurture yourself which flows naturally into your nurturing role as a Mama
  • You strengthen your Mother-Child bond because you are fulfilled in the way that you hold space for yourself
  • Defensiveness melts as release the need to convince anyone of anything because you dance with the Divine within
  • You tune into and hear your Voice in moments of solace + stillness
  • You come into your purpose 
  • You have confidence to make mistakes and pivot/course correct when desired
  • You view self care as healthcare
  • You allow your soul to vibrate on a frequency above the heaviness of Mom guilt, shame, comparison and judgment
  • You are empowered to replenish your soul when you feel fatigued-  physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally
  • You cultivate more awareness when your compass is pointing you inward toward rest
  • You realize your Mamatuition is your most powerful tool 
  • You can choose to enhance your knowledge base by reading books, blogs, taking courses, seeking trusted sources and framing them reverently within your existing intuition
  • You join the constellation of Mamas shining around the world: those who have come before you, those alongside you, and those who will come after you

This is all meant to sound very elevating, and it truly can be.  Our full truth knows there are many moments when I (we) ride the struggle bus (honk honk).  We can ride it together, in lightness and humor, in a sisterhood of solidarity.  We don’t have to suffer through seasons of isolation and loneliness for fear of inadequacy and judgment that are all too rampant in Motherhood today.  We were never meant to exist in that space.  It is not the way our feminine energy was created to thrive.  Create your own tribe starting with yourself and radiate out.  Your energy will call in Mamas around you.

Choosing to live into your Mamatuition is not the path most traveled.  It requires releasing limiting beliefs you have long held, examining societal narratives, and sitting in stillness.  You have had moments where your Mamatuition has visited you.  Perhaps you weren’t sure how to harmonize those moments in the greater context of your life.  Amidst existing societal scripts, exterior pressures you felt, previous patterns of behavior ingrained in your decision making process, other people’s opinions, your own fears and insecurities, anxieties and doubts swirled in, it can feel daunting.  Peeling back these layers and releasing that which no longer serves you is the most important work you can choose to engage in.   

It is a reverence of soul, of self, a daring choice to meet yourself where you are.  To validate all your emotions as your teachers.  And many times, to reacquaint yourself with your own exquisite soul.  So you can shine in all your glory.  

Upon leaning into your Mamatuition, you feel into the duality of the expansiveness and also, simplicity.  You are free to come into the place you were always meant to exist, perpetually thriving.  Here you create and here you rise.  

What if you get curious next time you hear the whispers of your Mamatuition, and ask what it is there to offer you?  Your future self is always guiding you, beckoning you forward in delicious Mamamentum, a benevolent force designed to lead you with love.

I’ll polish your crown anytime, Mama.  May we all exist and posture ourselves to prosper others, to speak life and love over one another and celebrate the treasures that we are, and the Divine gifts we’ve been given in our children.  

In the midst of the busy and the hectic, the chaotic and at times overwhelming, you have the choice to come home.  To swaddle yourself in the same love you naturally lavish upon your little one. To tune into the Knowing within.  Your Mamatuition.  It beckons you home within the sanctuary of your soul. 

We are inherently connected in this sacred space of Motherhood.  We are the privileged ones gazing down at these dreams realized staring back at us swaddled in ultimate aloha.  And as they grow, may they ever find a home and solace in our embrace.  

And may you ever find a home and solace within your Mamatuition.

Oceans of Aloha Mama,



Dr. Anik Cockroft is a fellow Mama and Pediatrician.  She is the Mother of 2, a 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son who have both been received in Coco Moon swaddles, as well as Hapai with baby #3.  She is passionate about supporting other Mamas and empowering those in the expectant and postpartum period.  

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