Tips for Hiring a Newborn Hospital Photographer

Capturing as many moments as possible is important! We compiled a list of some tips for parents who want to capture those moments with baby in the hospital right after they make their way into the world.

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As a parent, the saying “it goes by too fast” is always true — especially the newborn phase! That’s why capturing photos during all stages is so important. Recently, in-home and studio newborn photography sessions have been incredibly popular, but we wanted to talk about another great option — newborn hospital photoshoots!

We talked with Haunani of Kiʻi Kalo Photography, who has experience across a range of different photography styles, including in-hospital newborn photoshoots! We wanted to get her best tips when booking a newborn hospital session, and learn more about what they are like!

Aloha! Iʻm Haunani of Kiʻi Kalo Photography where I focus on ʻohana photography through a Hawaiian lens- maternity, newborn, keiki, senior and yearly family photos are my jam! As a māmā of 4, I started taking photos of my own keiki and slowly expanded to friends, friends of friends, and eventually to what my business is now.

Here Are My Tips For Newborn Hospital Photoshoots


We know that timelines can be unpredictable when having a baby! Just be sure to let your photographer know your due date and keep them in the loop on when you are having contractions and heading to the hospital. Most times a māmā will only stay in the hospital 24 hours after delivery, and photographers are only allowed in the room during visiting hours. So if you want those hospital photos you need to be in communication with your photographer as often as you can!


Dress your baby in well-fitting clothing or swaddle them nice and snug! If their outfit is too big, they’ll look like they are drowning in it. Also dress or put baby in their photoshoot swaddle or outfit right before the photoshoot. Between spit-ups and blowouts, their look isn’t going to stay picture-perfect for long! So, make sure you dress them just before we take the photos and bring extra outfits just in case.

Sibling Shots

If you’re including siblings, prepare them for the shoot and bring snacks or activities to keep them entertained during breaks. There can be a lot going on in a hospital room, so inviting family or friends to the shoot to help out can also help you to stay relaxed knowing their sibling is being watched when they aren’t being photographed.


Newborns will take 17 nursing breaks, 19 burping breaks, and 6 diaper changes during a photoshoot. Your newborn photographer knows this and will plan accordingly. So don't worry about your baby needing breaks; we'd rather work with a happy baby!

Just be in it

I know you might feel huge, swollen and not so cute, but just be in some of the photos too. Newborn photos are so precious because babies grow so fast and they are only newborns for a short time. You just did something absolutely amazing! So just be in the photos, and we promise you’ll be happy you have them later on.

Be sure to checkout some of Haunani's work at her website, and feel free to use these tips as you look for photographers in your area to book for your newborn hospital photoshoot session!


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