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We've partnered with Raw Elements USA to create a blog that's all about keeping your keiki safe in the sun. Raw Elements' natural sunscreen for children is great for their gentle skin, and our new Kai Collection swim line will keep them cool, comfortable, and protected.

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It’s no secret that taking our children to the water for the first time is something many of us sunshine-enthusiast parents look forward to. Whether it’s a pool, a lake, or the ocean, having fun in the water and under the sun is a great way to get our keiki outside and active. 

But playing outside often needs to be done with caution, especially when it comes to protecting their gentle skin from the sun. In light of our recent children’s swimwear line launch — The Kai Collection — we wanted to give our readers the best tips for playing outside safely, especially when it comes to sunscreen. That’s why we’ve asked the founder of Raw Elements USA, Brian Guadagno, for some tips and advice on keeping your little ones safe under the sun, and how their natural sunscreen for kids is a great way to do just that! 

First things first, can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to start Raw Elements USA?

As a career Ocean Lifeguard, I have always been in tune to skin damage that can be caused by overexposure to the sun.  Once I became aware of the harmful effects of chemical sunscreens to human and environmental health, I tried to find a natural alternative that I could share with my family, friends and my team.  Over a couple years of testing every product I could find, I realized that natural sunscreen which could perform at a high level and be aesthetically pleasing truly did not exist.  I believed the world needed a sunscreen that could solve this problem and be presented in a brand that would inspire outdoor enthusiasts and naturalists alike to make the change. I turned my kitchen into a lab and began formulating Raw Elements.  

Brian Guadagno, Raw Elements USA Founder

Brian Guadagno, Raw Elements USA Founder

What makes Raw Elements USA stand out from other sunscreen brands?

As an indie mission-driven brand, we are committed to delivering the safest, most effective products on the planet.  This encompasses every aspect of our process from ingredient selection, packing sustainability, providing critical education and forging partnerships that create positive change.  We enlist some of the most rigorous third party certifications which highlight the safety and efficacy of our sunscreens as well as our commitment to protecting our environment.  And when it is time to apply sunscreen, the Raw Elements experience is moisturizing skin food that physically blocks the sun with non-nano zinc oxide and certified organic ingredients.  

Every kid loves to play in the sun, how do you suggest keeping them safe while doing it?

It is very important to have a full approach to sun protection.  This involves trying to avoid peak sun time, creating and playing in shade, wearing sun protective clothing and hats.  Using sunscreen on the exposed skin and reapplying often is critically important.  The best way to have kids learn this practice is by making the sunscreen a part of the fun right away from a very young age.  Making the application process fun and associating it with the fun times in the sun makes it become second nature.

Under The Kai Surf Suit

Our Under The Kai Surf Suit features a 4-way stretch perfect for comfort while playing, and a UPF of 50+ for added protection from the sun! 

At what age is it safe for parents to apply your sunscreen on their kids?

It is always suggested per the FDA to check with your pediatrician before applying any sunscreen to children under 6 months.  Given the makeup and performance of Raw Elements, this should be a thumbs up.  It is ideal to start kids as young as possible.  

Nalu Sun Suit

Our sun suits are perfect for keiki who aren’t old enough to wear sunscreen (or the ones who just don’t like putting it on)! 

Why is your sunscreen such a great option for children?

Raw Elements is the ideal sunscreen for young, sensitive skin as it is packed with natural, nourishing ingredients and only non-nano zinc oxide.  This is the same ingredient used in diaper creams for its soothing and protecting skin attributes.  Our Baby+Kids products are packed with 25% non-nano zinc oxide, organic calendula and chamomile which are ideal for young skin and come in reusable and compostable packaging!

Any tips on how parents can instill proper sunscreen practices in their young ones?

It is important to teach kids early about protecting their skin and protecting our environment.  Most of the fun outdoor activities they enjoy revolve around this.  Making the process fun will go a long way.  Teaching kids how to apply sunscreen on each other is a great way to make it fun and allow them to be part of the process which will continue as they get older.  

Do you feel that applying sunscreen is more important now than ever?

It sure is!  I believe that applying the right sunscreen is more important now than ever.  The science today shows us that chemical sunscreens can be harmful to us and our environment.  So it is critical that we teach our kids young that sunscreen is so important to protect them and using natural sunscreen will do that while also protecting our oceans and the environment they thrive in.  Having kids today instilled with that learning early on will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  

Which products do you suggest our customers look for when shopping for their children at Raw Elements USA?

Our Baby+Kids line features a cream in a recyclable, reusable tin that can be used after to collect sea glass or other fun things and a compostable paper stick that can turn application into fun drawing art!  Not only are these the best sunscreens for the children’s skin, we can teach them young and make environmentalism fun!

Raw Elements Children's Sunscreen

Raw Elements Baby+Kids Line

It’s safe to say that regularly applying sunscreen is truly the best way to keep our little ones safe from the sun. We love that the Raw Elements USA sunscreen is safe for your keiki, and safe for the environment! Head over to their website to purchase some of this awesome product. 

And for swimwear that is designed to keep your little ones safe and comfortable, take a look at our Kai Collection swim line that launches July 23rd! All swimwear has a UPF of 50+ and is made from recycled materials — because we love our mama Earth.


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