The Difference Between Baby Rompers and Baby Coveralls

There are a few differences between baby rompers and baby coveralls. Read our blog to figure out which options are best for you!

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As a parent, shopping for baby clothes can be one of our most favorite things! 

But it can also feel pretty overwhelming given all of the different styles, fabrics, materials, and designs, and we understand! That’s why we’re here to help clear up the difference between some of the most popular clothing styles: baby rompers and baby coveralls. 

What is the difference between baby rompers and baby coveralls? 

What makes a romper different from a coverall or a coverall different from a onesie and so on?

We’re here to clear up any confusion! Both options are practical and stylish options, but they can serve different purposes. First, let’s take a look at rompers. 

What are baby rompers

Rompers are a bit similar to onesies. 

Onesies are usually designed to look like a t-shirt, but they have snaps near the crotch for easy diaper changes. While onesies are one of the most basic, standard (and let’s face it, necessary) clothing options, rompers are a bit more stylish while also just as functional. 

The main difference between a romper and a onesie is that a romper often has legs on it that can either be short or long. Take a look at our Backyard Oasis Romper for example. 

Our Coco Moon rompers are great options for the little one in your life! They are also great for being a cute and fun daytime outfit that’s easy to put on, take off, and is comfortable. 

If you’re looking for something cute, casual, and convenient for both mom and baby, a romper is a great choice. 

What makes a romper different from a coverall though is that rompers don’t have zippers. They typically have snaps for easy diaper changes and will usually require going over the head to be put on and then they are snapped shut with snaps on the lower half of the romper. 

They also don’t cover the whole body like a coverall does. A romper will typically have short sleeves and legs of any length, while a coverall will always “cover all” of the baby’s body. 

What are coveralls though?

What are baby coveralls

The name says it all here! Coveralls will cover your baby’s entire body, all the way to their wrists, to their ankles, and sometimes even their little feet!

Coveralls tend to be another staple wardrobe piece in a baby’s closet. They make the perfect pair of pajamas, or a great daytime outfit when the weather is a little chilly. Our Coco Moon coveralls feature a double zipper to make diaper changes as easy as possible. Coveralls come in tons of cute prints and designs, so no matter the occasion, you’ll find a pair that’s perfect for your little one. 

And because they cover the whole body, this makes coveralls great for keeping your little one warm while they rest, play, or just hangout!

While most coveralls are designed for the colder season, and can be made from materials like heavy cotton and fleece, our Coco Moon coveralls are designed for all seasons. Because even in the summer, we know how sensitive baby’s skin is and how important it can be to keep it covered! 

Our coveralls (and rompers) are made of a bamboo material that’s great for wicking moisture from your sweaty sleeper, and also helping them maintain a comfortable body temperature - meaning they’re never too hot or too cool.

And there you have it! The difference between rompers and coveralls. Be sure to check out some of our favorite coverall and romper options below!


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