Is Bamboo Fabric Good for Babies?

Have you ever wondered if bamboo clothing is good for babies? Keep reading to learn why bamboo clothing is a great option for your little one!

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The first time I ever felt bamboo fabric, it felt like a dream. Silky smooth and almost cool to the touch, it caught my attention right away. But as a new mom, I found myself wondering what made it different from other fabrics used in baby clothing and if bamboo fabric was good for my baby, who had sensitive skin and often experienced eczema. 

As I began to research clothing fabrics, I found that fabric made from bamboo is one of the best choices for baby clothes, which is why I chose to use it across Coco Moon’s clothing collection. 

About Bamboo Material

There are many reasons bamboo material is one of the best choices for your baby’s clothes. From its moisture-wicking material to its silky smooth fabric, bamboo clothing is hard to beat. 

Much of baby bamboo clothing is made of a bamboo viscose material, and viscose is a method of making fabric that uses the cellulose of bamboo. Bamboo viscose (or bamboo rayon) clothing is mostly enjoyed for its softness, durability, and lightweight material. 

Bamboo is breathable 

Bamboo fabric is known for not only being incredibly soft, it’s also incredibly breathable. This is great for our little ones who sweat and have sensitive skin because they can stay cool and dry during the day and night. 

And that breathable material means it's perfect for warmer weather. So whether you live somewhere warm or are looking for ways to keep baby comfortable during the summer months, bamboo is perfect. But don’t worry, it’s also great for keeping baby warm during the colder months. The cross-sectional fibers keep heat in, meaning bamboo is a great option for all times of year. 

Bamboo is good for sensitive skin

Heat is one of the biggest reasons skin can get irritated, and bamboo is great for helping to prevent this. Its fabric is silky smooth to the touch, which means it won’t cause any irritation to your baby’s sensitive skin, and will actually soothe it. 

Bamboo is also known for helping to regulate your baby’s body temperature, and its quick drying and moisture wicking material means it will keep your baby cool and comfortable. Since sweat can be one of eczema’s biggest irritants, dressing baby in fabric derived from bamboo means your sweaty little sleeper with sensitive skin will be able to stay cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the night. 

Since we know our babies can’t communicate what is bothering them, choosing a fabric like bamboo can help keep them feeling great as often as possible. 

And as us mamas are so observant of our little ones, it can be clear to us whether they are happy in their clothes or not: 

“These onesies are the BEST! They are incredibly soft so they’re perfect for sensitive skin and they have a lot if stretch to accommodate your little one as they grow. Love it!” - Lindsey P. 

“My son has a severe case of eczema and very sensitive skin to certain materials, however, Coco Moon’s material is so silky and soft. Works well for him. The print is super cute as well. Love them!” - Amanda I. 

So if you were wondering if those too-good-to-be-true bamboo pajamas you’ve seen at the store and online were a good choice for your baby’s clothes, now you know that they’re a GREAT one! Check out some of our bamboo clothing options here


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