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Behind the print: Golden Hibiscus with Jana Lam

March 31, 2020

Behind the print: Golden Hibiscus with Jana Lam

Jana Lam was the first artist that we collaborated with almost four years ago! I remember being so shy about approaching her about the idea...she was so talented and established and Coco Moon was just getting started. But as luck would have it, we were both vendors at a local pop up shop event and her booth was just a few spaces down from me. She was pregnant with her daughter Aili at the time and wandered into my booth to look at our blankets. I introduced myself and got up the courage to ask her if she'd be interested in collaborating with us. To my surprise, she said yes!

The Golden Hibiscus collection is our 5th collaboration print with Jana Lam and this one just might be my favorite. Coincidentally, yellow is both my and Jana's favorite color. 

We asked Jana more about her love of yellow, the hibiscus flower, and how she's navigating these unprecedented times...

What do you love about hibiscus flowers? 

Why do I love hibiscuses so much? Maybe because they're just so extra! Their colors are so vibrant and bright. You can't help but be happy when you see one.

Why do you love the color yellow?

If rainbow was a color, that would be my favorite. But if I have to choose just one, it would be yellow. It's happy, it's bright and it adds a pop to everything.  I love all shades of yellow too, from mustard to lemon yellow. They are all good.

How do you stay inspired in times like these? 

It's tough right now, honestly. I have a lot of anxiety and fear about everything, but instead of dwelling on the unknown, I've been trying to focus on the good things that I see around me. Yes, I’m inspired by the beach and the garden around me as I work from home, and I want to use this time to capture it and put it in my work. But moreso, I’m inspired by what I see going on virtually - how people are stepping up and doing good things to help each other out. I’m trying to focus on putting my energy into good things, instead of dwelling on and feeling a lack of control.


What is one tip you can share with mamas trying to create from home right now, especially those with kids at home? 

I thought I had no time in my regular schedule. This is next level. My plan of action is to ramp up art classes. My son and daughter will have extra long art sessions every day. This will give me time hopefully to create during the day (instead of just at night) and to also be inspired by what they do. I'm often inspired by what they make.

What does Aili think of the new collection? 

Oh my, she loves this collection.  I was actually trying to hide the swaddle and the blanket from her, because she destroys everything. I think the swaddle already bit the dust after she wore it wrapped around her during a painting session. Think black - she was painting with black! I didn’t see her or I would have taken it away. But alas, I was too late.  

What's on the horizon for Jana Lam?

I had all these grand plans for 2020. Even with everything going on right now, what's on the horizon is just not losing sight of those things, continuing to work on them, to actually make them happen. I have a few surprises up my sleeve and I want to keep them in the works.  But for the time being, we have pivoted all of our energy and time to make face masks. We want to help as many people as possible and we feel the urgency of getting them out there. Things never go as planned. We're just taking it in stride and trying to own it no matter what.