Artist Interview: Rebekah Steen of Goldfish Kiss

I’m not afraid to admit that I'm a major fan girl of Rebekah Steen, the stylish powerhouse behind the Goldfish Kiss blog. Read on to learn about our collaboration with Rebekah and why we love her vibe so much. 

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I’m not afraid to admit that I'm a major fan girl of Rebekah Steen, the stylish powerhouse behind the Goldfish Kiss blog. She’s a mother to a super cool little dude named Levi, she surfs, has a feel good, laid back vibe, rad art, and overall great style. Rebekah’s got Hawaii roots and totally gels with our island style perspective.

So imagine my delight when she agreed to work with Coco Moon on two collaboration prints for our upcoming collections. We’re talking full on happy dance in the “groffice” (my garage/office) that was probably meme-worthy given my spastic celebratory moves. Rebekah designed two prints for us, with the first – “Surf Mobiles” – launching in May. The second is planned for release this November.

We asked her a few questions about her art and her answers made us even bigger fans of hers:

Has your art (or your perspective of your art) changed at all since becoming a mom? 

I think I love painting more than ever, am less of a perfectionist, and am having more fun…mainly because I hardly have any time to paint! When I do, I’m like, "Bust out the pens and paint, I’m shutting my brain off and getting creative." In other words, I get to paint, draw and design when Levi is asleep, instead of whenever I want. So I’m realizing how much I need my art therapy sessions. I also think my style is evolving a little bit through all of my life’s changes in the past year, and I’m really liking the direction it’s headed.

Can you tell us about any inspiration or influence behind your Coco Moon designs? Did Levi's personality come into play at all?

I love anything surf related, so that was definitely the inspiration. One day I hope to own an old Chevy Scout, it’ll be orange or navy (TBD). Then I just love surf fins. **spoiler alert for an unreleased design!** They’re such an integral part of surfboards, and fun to paint/doodle with that part of it.

Levi definitely influenced the colors - I asked myself, what would a little dude like Levi like/wear/cuddle with? Et voila…there you go. Surfing mama designs that are little dude approved. Kind of like the sound of that.

You've had your art featured on some really fun products (like bikinis!)'s it feel to have it on baby products?

I LOVE IT! Whenever I see my art printed on something other than paper, it’s almost surreal. Knowing some people will be wrapping/swaddling their babies in it…Well, that’s an absolutely amazing feeling. (People, tag me in any pics or posts, please!)

Can you tell us about any new projects you're working on that we should keep an eye out for? 

You bet. I have my second capsule With Rip Curl coming out in the next few months, and I’m working on our third capsule with them now. I also have an activewear collab, and hopefully some more bikinis with Ola Feroz too! I’m having a blast with textile design and am loving any opportunity that comes up for that as well. Then I have a cool idea for a sweater company (inspired by my recent move to Minnesota) that I REALLY need to hop on. If it works out, it could be pretty sweet. Wish me luck! I think It’s time I find a babysitter one day a week, or else I might never sleep in the next few months! I love it all though. Keep the projects coming. This is all such a dream come true. 


*Check out this blog post on Goldfish Kiss for more fun about the collab!




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