Artist Interview: Lauren Roth

Working with local designers and artists is definitely one of my favorite parts of the job. And it was such a joy to work with Lauren Roth on our Coconut Dreams print! Read on to learn more about the print and what inspires this lovely lady. 

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Working with local designers and artists is definitely one of my favorite parts of the job. I always have so many ideas bouncing around my head, so to get to mesh them with the ideas of artists like Lauren Roth takes things to the next level for me. After working through some designs with Lauren, I was blown away by her talent. I remember responding to some of her emails in all caps, saying things like, LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!

Our first product release featuring Lauren’s art is the “Coconut Dreams” print, which launches on our swaddles, bibs, and burp cloths. I don’t think there’s much else that says “Hawaii” more than coconut trees, so I’m super excited to have a print dedicated to that iconic symbol of the tropics.

We chatted with Lauren about her art and inspiration, and became even bigger fans of hers… 

Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating a new design / art piece? 

My inspiration comes from almost everywhere and everything, different images and thoughts that I have stored in my brain from years of observing and traveling. For as long as I can remember, creating art is what I have loved to do, so for my own work, it sort of just comes out. I am always heavily influenced by where I am living or traveling in life, which I think can really be seen in the work I have made since living here! My inspirations while working for a client are a little different, I like to meet and talk to the client about what they are looking for, what they are drawn to, and what I think they would enjoy. It's a collaboration on both our ends.

How did your transition from New Jersey to Hawaii influence your designs?  

Growing up in NJ, I was not surrounded by tropical plants, flowers and colors that you find out here! They blew me away, and completely changed the type of art I was creating. The color palettes I use, as well as what I draw transformed. I have found that happens wherever I am traveling to or living, my work reflects the environment I am in. Being out here keeps me constantly motivated in the creative mood, I think it is a mix of being surrounded by so many inspirational people and companies, as well as the breathtaking scenery. Makes you want to create and follow your dreams.

Of all the pieces you’ve created or projects you've worked on, do you have a favorite? If so, why (or why not)?

This is always a hard one haha. I cannot think of a favorite, since each is so different. I would say my favorite part of it all is having the opportunity to meet different people and work with companies all over. I like being able to bring someone elses vision to life. Recently I created a 20ft, monochromatic mural for the Nordstrom Rack in Waikiki, this was something totally new for me, I normally work very small and with a ton of color. I enjoyed the challenge of thinking differently and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 

Can you share any insight into your creative process when designing the collab pieces for Coco Moon?

It was so much fun working on these illustrations for Coco Moon, and especially exciting knowing that they were going to be used for adorable little babies all over, made it an even happier job to create! When working on the designs, I had to take into consideration they were going to be used as a repeat pattern, and that the sizes would vary. It was a fun challenge seeing what looked best in each size, shape, as well as what colors to use.

What's next for Lauren Roth? Any exciting new projects we should keep an eye out for? 

I just finished a design for Jake Shimabukuro, that he printed on tees for his current concert tour, and also just finished a mural in Kailua for Betty x Joe, both were so fun to work on! I do have a few other exciting collaborations in the works, which I am looking forward to sharing on my website soon. For my own line, I am working on a brand new collection of paintings, and products for all my upcoming summer shows and events. I have been posting sneaks on my social media, and will be posting the finals as soon as their ready on my website (


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