Artist Feature: Lauren Roth & Being a First-time Mom in Hawai'i

What better way to celebrate our newest print - Koholā - designed in collaboration with Lauren Roth, than learning more about Lauren and her experience welcoming her first baby in Hawai'i!

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One of our favorite parts of working with local Hawai'i artists (aside from the beautiful designs!) is getting to know them! It's especially special when we get to feature a design alongside an artist and their family, which is exactly why we were *extra* stoked for another collaboration with Lauren Roth!

Lauren designed our "Koholā" print, and it is releasing only weeks after she's welcomed her first baby to this world. Her new baby boy must be thinking it's pretty cool to wear and bundle up in some of mom's art (we know we do).

To celebrate this new launch, Lauren took the time to answer a few of our questions about being a first time mom, having a baby in Hawai'i, and more! 

First off, what was it like preparing for your first baby?!

It was incredibly exciting, fun, and overwhelming at times! Thinking about the joy from the little things like buying outfits he would wear, or envisioning walks in the stroller as a family, the smiles and snuggles, our little family of two growing and carrying on traditions.

The overwhelming part was the amount of products and choices for anything you may or may not need for yourself and the baby! There's so much out there, it's hard to weed through it. Thankfully I have sisters and lots of friends who have babies and helped us decide what was essential. We tried to not over prepare and research everything outside of what we needed to have in the house. We assumed we would learn as we go once he was here!

How was it preparing for a baby in Hawai'i?

We are so lucky to live in Hawai'i and so close to the beach. Part of preparing for me was continuing to exercise and stay active. With the nice weather and ocean close by, it made it easy to go on long walks and swim.

I also wanted to make sure that my business was in a good spot so I could take some time off once he arrived. That meant really thinking ahead and working on holiday items early, and getting as much done as I could beforehand. Once I felt like I was in an okay spot with work, I tried to relax, take time off, and enjoy the pregnancy and time with my husband, Jon.

What is something you cherish about Hawai'i that you are most looking forward to sharing with your son?

There is so much to cherish about Hawai'i, most of all being the natural beauty. I have lived here for over 10 years and am still in awe everyday at the beauty that surrounds us.

I cannot wait for Henry to start noticing and appreciating that too. We love to hike, ride bikes and swim, which are a few things I cannot wait to start doing with him as well.

Getting the nursery ready is an exciting part of preparing for a baby, how was that experience for you (especially with your eye for design!)

We live in a two bedroom, with the second bedroom being my studio. So we waited pretty long to clear that out and turn it into a nursery. It was fun to imagine him in there and pick out which prints and colors we wanted to go with.

As an artist, I was very excited about the prints we hung up, and I also wanted to shop as locally as I could! We ended up keeping it pretty simple. I hung two drawings that my Grandpa made (we named Henry after him so it is very special to have those in his room.) My best friend from college painted him a beautiful picture that is in there as well. I also framed one of the whales that I painted for this collaboration. I thought he would like to have some of his mama's art in there too.

What was your #1 essential for your hospital bag (and maybe something you wish you had brought)?

My Coco Moon Plumeria robe! It is so soft and comfy, the perfect piece to wear post delivery. If I were to pack again, I probably would bring an extra pair of cozy socks too.

What has been your #1 newborn essential?

I would say, aside from the obvious being diapers and wipes (we are going through them like crazy, you don't want to be in a position where you are out and have to run to the store!), a good swaddle. We tried so many before finally finding one that worked for him.

When we're not using our Coco Moon Nalu Swaddle, we like to use the Love To Dream Swaddle UP (since he is a little magician who can get his arms out of almost anything!)

Any advice for other first-time moms preparing to have a baby on the islands?

I would say if you don't have family out here to make sure you have a great support group of friends and island 'Ohana. The first few weeks our friends brought us food and checked in which was so helpful and heartwarming during such a big transition.

And to take it one day at a time, it is a learning experience for everyone, you and the baby, your partner, and every day...every hour is different! Take time to appreciate how amazing you're doing during this brand new phase of life.


Be sure to head over to Lauren's website to see some of her amazing work, and stay tuned for the launch of Koholā on October 20th!  


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