Tūtū's Garden Throw Blanket

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Super Soft

I love Coco Moon throw blankets. The length is perfect. Most other throws fall short, between 55-60 inches, so I end up having to work the diagonal. At 62 inches, this throw covers my whole body, from my shoulders to my toes. I take these camping, I put them in the car, I use them to sleep. I love them so much, I have several designs that I rotate through.

- Aura N.

Share the love with this big-kid version of our super-soft swaddles—made for all those parents and older siblings who “borrow” the baby’s favorite Coco Moon blankets. Heavenly layers of muslin give you light warmth on chilly nights, offer the perfect weight and thickness without feeling too hot, and are the perfect gift for kids of all ages.

Bright, vibrant red ginger

adorn this stunning print that takes you through the blooms of your Tūtū's garden. This collection is bursting with beauty from every sprout and angle! Enjoy the bold elegance of this design that will remind you of days spent enjoying the outdoors with your kūpuna.

Fabric: 70% Viscose from Bamboo, 30% Cotton

Size: 62" x 47"

Care: In order to maintain the quality of our fabric and prevent pilling and/or snagging, separate from other materials such as towels and hardware, like zippers or velcro, during the wash and dry process. Machine wash cold (without bleach), tumble dry on low heat.

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Why shop with us…

The favorite blankie of 1000's of babies worldwide

A portion of profits donated to Hawaiʻi non-profits

Eco-friendly packaging

Authentic and original island designs

It's our kuleana, or responsibility, to take care of our environment and our community.

We're proud to donate a portion of all proceeds to Hawai'i based non-profits doing powerful work for our environment and our children. We are also committed to doing our part by packaging our items in fully biodegradable cassava starch bags wherever possible

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