"Just love our Coco Moon blankets! They are super cuddly and the prints are adorable. We have 8 of them now. We always get compliments on them and they remind me of my wedding on Oahu. We will be back for more!" - Mama Erin and Baby Charlie Marie with our "Pineapple Of My Eye" Swaddle Blanket

"Can I just say how much I love Coco Moon blankets? They are the softest blankets ever! They are also really big and stretchy - perfect for swaddling and snuggling. Thank you for bringing the heart of Hawaii all the way to New Mexico!" - Mama Alexandra and Baby Gracie with our "Island Blooms" Swaddle Blanket

"We started off with getting the shark blanket at one of my baby showers as a gift and fell completely in love with the print and material. Hawaii doesn't get cold very often so I wanted something breathable and light for my little man, and having these blankets are so perfect are just that! It also helps that Coco Moon comes in the cutest local style designs! We now have four different styles and the collection just keeps growing." - Mama Peyton and Baby Onyx with our "Sharks Need Love Too" Swaddle Blanket

"The blankets are gorgeous, with one of a kind prints...soft and perfect for a variety of uses. Great for us mainlanders who daydream of being back in the islands!" - Mama Suzie and Baby Skylar with our "Pot O' Aloha" Swaddle Blanket

"Finn and I love how light weight our Coco Moon blanket is! It's perfect for shading our stroller, playing on the beach, and covering up when he falls asleep on mama. Doesn't hurt that every print is cuter than the last!" - Mama Mary Liz and Baby Finn with our "Nalu" Swaddle Blanket

"Your blankets are so incredibly comfy and soft! As soon as I give her the blanket, she is instantly happier! She loves touching it and grabbing it, rubbing her face with it. They are the perfect size for everything - swaddling, cover for nursing, covering the car seat, putting down for her to lay on for sleeping, tummy time, diaper change, everything!! They are the perfect weight for our Hawaii weather...light enough so they don't overheat during the day, but just warm enough for those trade wind breezes." - Mama Keoho and Baby Kahiwa with our "Sunrise Shell" Swaddle Blanket

"We love Coco Moon for sunset strolls on the beach, picnics in the park, and pretty much everything else under the sun (and moon). We love that we always have a little Aloha with us." - Mama Tanya and Baby Griffin with our "Octo-Grom" Swaddle Blanket

"Not sure who loves her Coco Moon more...me or Penny! We've been using these blankets since Penny was born and now that she's past the swaddling stage, we still use them to comfort her for nap and bedtime. I'll also use it as a nursing cover when we're out and about, which is nice and familiar for the both of us!" - Mama Kristin and Baby Penny with our "Nalu" Swaddle Blanket